Top one physiotherapy

The Jaipur Physiotherapy Clinic is an independent or most well known physical medicine clinic, providing specialist treatment for back pain and neck pain, sports injuries, women’s health and neurological conditions.
Our result oriented practice makes us the No. 1 physiotherapy clinic in Jaipur and in India well known as Jaipur Physiotherapy Clinic. Patients come over different places of India for treatment and return home with a smile. We provide the services of Super Specialist Physiotherapists facility with guaranteed Healing touch with Unconditional care.
Jaipur Physiotherapy provides services for musculature that is painful disorders of muscles and nerves. Almost all the work requires, the use of the arms and hands. While the musculature affects the elbow, wrist, neck, hands and shoulder. Some back problem is also the result.
Other than the common musculature conditions we also prominent and specialized in treating the following:
  •  Muscle Aches /Leg Cramps At Nighttime
  • Fatigue, Low Energy Level
  •  Headaches/Migraines,
  •  Repetitive Strain Injury
  •  Dizziness ,vertigo
  •  Extremity Numbness, Tingling In Hand Or Feet
  •  Slip disc
  •  Incontinence, Urine Leak While Sneezing/Laughing
  •  Hemiplegia
  •  Facial Palsy
  •  Spinal stenosis
If you have the following Above symptoms, then don’t relate it with your experience or growing Age.
Medicines are not always necessary. Medication has many side effects, think at least one time of side effects. And then once about the importance and worthiness of Therapy and How better you would be with it and has no side effect.
We Have best team of doctors that are very prominent in their fields. Our Best leading doctor is Mr. AMIT PARASHAR(M.P.T- Neuro).