During today’s period, problems related to physical health is a very common issue that almost everyone faces with growing age. The most common issue related to this problem are back pain and neck pain, sports injuries,  women’s health and neurological conditions.
These are some of the issues that are very common in physical health related problem. And the solution of this problem is taking Physiotherapy sessions or treatment. Most of the people do not know about Physiotherapy, they almost get dependent on medicines for relief. But taking daily medication makes a person habitual of it, as we know drugs has many side effects. So, taking Physiotherapy is a better option than taking drugs and gives long time relief to the pain.
Dr. Amit is a master physiotherapist in jaipur who identified my friend back problem as what it really was, a neck problem.Dr Amit made that diagnosis the first session, my friend getting relief. His physiotherapy technique is a life saver. I am so glad I went to this place best physiotherapy hospital in jaipur thanks a lot to mr. amit for his grate