During today’s period, problems related to physical health is a very common issue that almost everyone faces with growing age. The most common issue related to this problem are back pain and neck pain, sports injuries,  women’s health and neurological conditions.
These are some of the issues that are very common in physical health related problem. And the solution of this problem is taking Physiotherapy sessions or treatment. Most of the people do not know about Physiotherapy, they almost get dependent on medicines for relief. But taking daily medication makes a person habitual of it, as we know drugs has many side effects. So, taking Physiotherapy is a better option than taking drugs and gives long time relief to the pain.
Dr. Amit is a master physiotherapist in jaipur who identified my friend back problem as what it really was, a neck problem.Dr Amit made that diagnosis the first session, my friend getting relief. His physiotherapy technique is a life saver. I am so glad I went to this place best physiotherapy hospital in jaipur thanks a lot to mr. amit for his grate

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he Jaipur Physiotherapy Clinic is a pioneer clinic with advanced or a high-tech facility for Heat therapy and Cryotherapy and these are done by Highly Qualified and well experienced Doctors.
Heat therapy is also called as Thermotherapy and the use of heat in therapy, such as done for pain relief and for health. It can take many of the forms like the form of a hot cloth, hot water, ultrasound, heating pad, Hydro collator packs, whirlpool baths, cordless FIR heat therapy wraps, and others. It can be beneficial to those with arthritis and stiff muscles and injuries to the deep tissue of the skin.
Jaipur Physiotherapy uses different types of application in Heat Therapy as by:

 Electrotherapy (click here...)

There are different types of electrotherapy, varying by using heat, sound waves or electrical stimulation. These are good for treating pain in muscles and joints, swelling, and to help the healing process. The different types of these physiotherapy treatments are:
  • Infrared.. an infrared lamp is placed parallel to your joint, with your skin uncovered and examined prior to treatment. Heat from the infrared rays warms your specific muscles. You may feel a mild gentle warmth, anything hotter then this feeling should be reported.
  • Ultrasound.. for parts of your body that are relatively flat, the gel is applied on to your skin, and the applicator is moved over the surface of your skin. For parts that have irregular surfaces, it is placed in a bath of warm water. The head of the applicator is placed in the bath and moved around next to the part to be treated. You should feel no sensation at all either way.
  • TENS.. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is normally used to treat pain. The electrodes are placed on your skin and the intensity gradually increased. Depending on the frequency, you should either feel a slow tickling sensation, or a continuous buzzing sensation. You will be able to feel which frequency is best for your pain. The intensity should never be strong or painful.
  • Heat Therapy And Cryotherapy

The Jaipur Physiotherapy Clinic is an independent or most well known physical medicine clinic, providing specialist treatment for back pain and neck pain, sports injuries, women’s health and neurological conditions.
Our result oriented practice makes us the No. 1 physiotherapy clinic in Jaipur and in India well known as Jaipur Physiotherapy Clinic. Patients come over different places of India for treatment and return home with a smile. We provide the services of Super Specialist Physiotherapists facility with guaranteed Healing touch with Unconditional care.
Jaipur Physiotherapy provides services for musculature that is painful disorders of muscles and nerves. Almost all the work requires, the use of the arms and hands. While the musculature affects the elbow, wrist, neck, hands and shoulder. Some back problem is also the result.
Other than the common musculature conditions we also prominent and specialized in treating the following:
  •  Muscle Aches /Leg Cramps At Nighttime
  • Fatigue, Low Energy Level
  •  Headaches/Migraines,
  •  Repetitive Strain Injury
  •  Dizziness ,vertigo
  •  Extremity Numbness, Tingling In Hand Or Feet
  •  Slip disc
  •  Incontinence, Urine Leak While Sneezing/Laughing
  •  Hemiplegia
  •  Facial Palsy
  •  Spinal stenosis
If you have the following Above symptoms, then don’t relate it with your experience or growing Age.
Medicines are not always necessary. Medication has many side effects, think at least one time of side effects. And then once about the importance and worthiness of Therapy and How better you would be with it and has no side effect.
We Have best team of doctors that are very prominent in their fields. Our Best leading doctor is Mr. AMIT PARASHAR(M.P.T- Neuro).
jaipur physiotherapy is best physical therapy in jaipur . Physiotherapy as the name suggests is the treatment of differing conditions by physical means. This may be by stretching, strengthening, relearning movement patterns, manipulation, massage or by using some electrotherapeutic modalities such as ultrasound or interferential.

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Best Physiotherapy also known as Physical therapy is a health care profession, which views human movement as central to the health and well-being of individuals. It is a holistic approach to healthcare, and plays a vital part in pain relief, healing and rehabilitation in most medical and surgical conditions. Physiotherapy  has its applications in all most all disciplines of modern medicine.