Electrotherapy (click here...)

There are different types of electrotherapy, varying by using heat, sound waves or electrical stimulation. These are good for treating pain in muscles and joints, swelling, and to help the healing process. The different types of these physiotherapy treatments are:
  • Infrared.. an infrared lamp is placed parallel to your joint, with your skin uncovered and examined prior to treatment. Heat from the infrared rays warms your specific muscles. You may feel a mild gentle warmth, anything hotter then this feeling should be reported.
  • Ultrasound.. for parts of your body that are relatively flat, the gel is applied on to your skin, and the applicator is moved over the surface of your skin. For parts that have irregular surfaces, it is placed in a bath of warm water. The head of the applicator is placed in the bath and moved around next to the part to be treated. You should feel no sensation at all either way.
  • TENS.. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is normally used to treat pain. The electrodes are placed on your skin and the intensity gradually increased. Depending on the frequency, you should either feel a slow tickling sensation, or a continuous buzzing sensation. You will be able to feel which frequency is best for your pain. The intensity should never be strong or painful.
  • Heat Therapy And Cryotherapy